About the Program

The main purpose of the Newton Falls Turtle Promise Program (NFTPP) is to raise awareness of the important role of the sea turtle to the global ecosystem and spread ideals on how to protect the species.

Our 2012- 2013 Goal is 1000 Supporters! Join us today and help us reach our goal and help save the sea turtles!

Students from Mrs. Donley's Class will be circulating throughout town explaining why and how YOU can help save the sea turtles, like Belle.

After you have heard what they have to say, you will be asked if you are willing to be a supporter of this initiative. If you are, you will be asked to sign a NFTPP card that shows your support. The NFTPP card will then be displayed at the high school.

There is no money being collected. This is a "Promise Program" only which is designed to raise awareness about sea turtles and what you as a citizen can do to help with their conservation. So if you agree with what the students discuss with you, please sign an NFTPP card.

If you are a business, you might also be asked if you would display a project sign. If you would, it will help us to increase community awareness and we would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you to all who support us in our awareness efforts!


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